Constructing valid classroom reading test tasks (multiple choice questions) for university students (notes on a workshop)


  • O. G. Kvasova Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,


Ключові слова:

construction and validation reading test tasks, multiple choice questions, university classroom, types of validity, classroom based assessment.


The paper contains the materials of a workshop aimed to train teachers in constructing and validating reading test tasks in university classroom. Initially, it offers teachers to check their assessment literacy by doing a test. The author
further presents brief theoretical input on types of validity relevant for classroom based assessment, alternates it with tasks for teachers to do independently/in pairs/teams, offers tips to construct valid multiple choice questions and
takeaway materials to guide teachers in their classroom practice of assessing students’ reading skills. List of recommended reading and keys to tasks are provided.                                                                        


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